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A Project by LEAD Trust, Bangalore

LTSE Test 1 Results

LTSE is an annual entrance test for 10th class students, for selection into a two year residential PU coaching at Partner Institutions,
where you'll get prepared for competitive Engineering and Medical Entrance Tests. For more info, please visit the LEAD Trust website.

Selected students qualify for freeships or scholarships and admission into Partner Colleges in Karnataka, Kerala and Telangana. This will be a residential program where the students will be provided extensive coaching for IIT-JEE / Karnataka CET / Kerala KEAM / NEET-UG entrance exams.

Links to the Tests:

Depending on your field of interest you can:

  • Write only Paper I - for students interested in Engineering Only, or Medicine Only
    You need to use ONLY link 1 below.
  • Write both Paper I and Paper II - for students unsure about which field they want to pursue, and want to write both Maths and Biology papers
    In this case, use link 1 first, and then, after completing that, come back here and use link 2.
  1. Main Paper I – Starts at 2:00 PM India Time on Sat, Jan 30th 2021
  2. Paper II (Biology) – Starts at 4:00 PM India Time on Sat, Jan 30th 2021

Instructions to the Candidate

  • Before writing this test, make sure that you have completed registration. You can Register Here
  • Each question contains four alternatives out of which only ONE is correct.
  • NEGATIVE MARKING: Each correct answer will be awarded either one or two marks. And each incorrect answer will reduce ¼ marks
  • Do NOT refresh the page at any time while taking the test.
  • Do NOT use the browser or phone "Back button at any time while taking the test. Only use the navigation buttons that are present within the form.
  • You will be required to provide access to camera and microphone on your device. Your actions will be automatically monitored. Avoid any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour.

Tips on using the Testing Tool:

  • Visit and read the instructions on how to write the test. Read them multiple times if needed.
  • Note that the tests are timed. You can see the elapsed time in the timer at the top. Once the timer finishes, you CANNOT submit the test. Hence, it is important that you submit the test before the time finishes.
  • Use Google Chrome to attempt the test as much as possible. The Edge and Safari browsers have shown some problems.